Sunday, July 6, 2008

Icon 5 Illustration conference Wall

At the Icon conference in NYC there was a huge wall/board space where you could just stop by and draw/paint anything. This was my ("whipped cream kitteh") and Suzie Roo's ("Lucy") contribution. Single arm stand girl is by Fernanda Cohen. Elephant by Christine Ohara Hale .


Bethany Hissong said...

Cute! I love your whipped cream kitteh!

Christine Ohara Hale said...

Hi! I did the OMG elephant! How perfect, I was trying to find a picture of it somewhere. Your stuff is soooo super cute! :) Love it! Love, Christine

Christine Ohara Hale said...

I just visted your website! I love it too! :) I have the same type of method---since I am "Love, Christine" I do it for love, with love, with love intentions and wishes. Lovely et enchante! :)