Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SUPER SQUISHY kitten paw key cap from Japan!

This key cap was a gift from my friend Satoko (who is also responsible for my Japanese name: Nekoyama!) While she was visiting Tokyo late summer she spotted a capsule toy machine (gashapon) and immediately knew how much I would love a squishy cat paw key cap souvenir!!!
This is Satoko's umbrella shop site with the most amazing umbrellas you have ever seen:http://www.pareumbrella.com/store/default.aspx

Alpaca Sunday In Washington state

How cute are alpacas!? The CUTEST! :)
If you like them too, you can see more photos I took here:

Did you know that "alpaca fiber is classified as a rare specialty fiber and that it is five times warmer than sheep’s wool and more luxurious than cashmere! " This is the farm's website: