Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hand built pottery bowl and sake set

I have been taking a hand building pottery class this fall. Here are some of the most recent fruits of my joyful labor. At this stage they are still green (not bisqued or fired in the kiln yet). Looking forward to finding out what it will look like after the process will have been completed. The title of this bowl is: Shortcake ^..^

This is a hand built, fig shaped sake set. The biggest one is the sake flask (tokkuri) representing the sake brew master (Toji), the small ones are the cups (chocko) representing the 4 ingredients of the sake making process: rice, water, yeast and koji mold culture. "Let's brew!"

1 comment:

sarah said...

Stunning and precious work, Zaara! As always, I feel inspired and delighted by your free expression, joyful approach, thoughtful craft and cohesive design sense.

So glad to see your work! Big Hugs from Tepoztlan!