Thursday, November 15, 2007

KittenChops at Licensing Asia TOKYO ^,,^

I just got back form my favorite city in the world, Tokyo. I have exhibited my work at the the Licensing Asia show. It was fantastic to be in such a fun, creative environment with many talented artists and all the big players. I am now working on following up with some potential Japanese clients. Superspecial thanks to my dear friends: Cindy and LeiLei and my onee-chan/translator: Motoko.
You can check out the few photos I have from this trip! :)


orange you lucky! said...

That sounds AWESOME!!! Dream come true!
Are you going to be at the Surtex Show (NY) this spring?

KittenChops said...

Hi Helen,

good to hear form you! :)how are you?

sending happy creative energy and xo!

Zaara ^,,^